Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dressing up

I haven't posted anything for almost a month....where oh where does time go?! I have two projects I'm working on, and they both have deadlines.

The first is a Halloween costume. It's been several years (or a few decades!) since I've dressed up for Halloween, and it's been fun making this costume.

I'm making the apron and the hat from this "pioneer" pattern (circa 1989), which I found at a thrift store. The fabric (shown behind the pattern) was from Joanns. It's a reproduction fabric that I had in my stash, but is a bit too thin for quilts. It must've been really inexpensive because I bought several yards of it, which I need for this pattern! I'm making the apron and the hat from that fabric, and I found a black dress at a thrift store to wear under it. I'll be adding a ruffle on the hem of the dress to lengthen it (cut from a pair of thrift store pants) and I'll be embellishing the dress with lace from a thrift store blouse. Can you tell that I'm no stranger to thrift stores? It's fun to try to be creative (and cheap!), and it will be a unique costume, unlike what the chain stores are selling. I'm glad I'm enjoying sewing this, because I've put several hours into it, and it's still not done!

I love anything old, so I think I'll really like this costume, providing it all comes together as planned! You never can tell with garments, though.....that is one of the reasons why I quit sewing my own clothes. I don't like to "tailor" things to get them to fit right.

In the spirit of Halloween, here is an old photo of my Grandma, from about 1920, all dressed up in a clown costume looking very sweet. I would love to know the story behind this photo!

I'd love to see other old "costume" photos if anyone has any.

My other project is for our upcoming Quilt Show, but I really can explain it better when I have a photo of the finished product. I'm almost done with that one.