Thursday, January 24, 2013

Easy Street - Top finished!

My Easy Street top, designed by Bonnie Hunter, is finished!  I only made half the blocks, then added a few to even it out.  I used different colors, and am happy with the way it turned out.

Even making it smaller, it is still a large quilt (about 79" x 79").  I'm overwhelmed with the prospect of quilting it, so will put it away for awhile and work on other UFOs. 

Antique eye candy

I love antique quilts, and this one was donated to the thrift store that I volunteer at. I just had to take some 
photos!  (They let me take it home for a few days!)  It's a striking quilt....whoever made this quilt loved color!  

There is a bit of everything here:  clarets, mourning prints, indigo, poison green, purple. The newest fabrics are from 1900-1910. I believe there are some older fabrics in there...maybe some madder.  What's missing are the light shirtings that you usually see in 1900-1910 quilts. 

 The backing, shown above, is a pretty rusty-red floral, which may be madder.  It's hand-quilted in a Baptist Fan pattern.

No...I didn't buy it!  It was sold for $65, which I think is an above-average Thrift Store price.  I'm thankful it will go to someone who will appreciate it!