Thursday, April 5, 2012

March lotto blocks, and Stash report

Here are my March blocks for the Sunshine lotto. The color green is so cheerful and alive!

This block is just full of frogs. I had one oddball pink square that was perfect for the center.

I've been busy sorting and culling fabric. Year to date, I've acquired 30.25 yds & de-stashed a whopping 113.25 yds, for a net depletion of 83 yards! I don't expect to de-stash anywhere near that next quarter because I've already gone through almost everything. As motivation, though, I will be counting the estimated fabric contained in any UFOs that I complete. My completed UFO count of ZERO is downright dismal!
Also, the 30.25 that I've acquired was more than I expected, making it clear that the smaller amounts of fabric I bought here and there certainly add up!