Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rolling along

I've finished step 6 of Bonnie Hunter's mystery, Roll Roll Cotton Boll.
Part one, in the photo below, used the pink-green-pink unit, with brown triangles added at each end. I do have an idea of how these will be used, but I'm not sharing because we were asked not to!

Part #2 of clue #6 instructed us to sew 5 of the half-square triangles together in a row, like this:

I also have an idea of how these will be used, but won't share that either! For the blue, I used up a whole shirt. I ran out of "shirt" so I cut into the PJ pants. The blues were very similar and blend together well.

This is going to make a huge quilt, at least queen size. When I see how all the pieces fit together, I'll decide how big to make it and what adjustments are needed.

Can't wait until Friday morning when clue #7 is due!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

RRCB step #5

For step 5 of this mystery, I have 431 HSTs completed....only 169 to go. I'm using an Easy Angle ruler, as Bonnie suggested, and I think this is easier than my usual method of putting 2 squares together, sewing two lines on the diagonal, cutting, then squaring.
I've gotten all the blue from one shirt, but that will probably run out. A pair of PJ pants in the same shade of blue is waiting in the wings for the remaining units.

As I'm sewing these little units, I keep wondering how all these pieces will fit together. Below is one block which came to mind, which is similar to a Bears Paw.
Where do the other units fit into this puzzle, though? I'll just have to be patient to find that out!

I've really enjoyed this mystery so far. By pushing myself to get the clues done in time for the next clue, I'm getting lots of sewing done. Other things are being neglected, though....housework, finishing Christmas cards, blah, blah, blah.........!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

RRCB....Still a mystery

Step #4 of Bonnie Hunter's mystery "Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll" was quick & easy, resulting in these little green and neutral units.

On the other hand, Step #3 (the neutral string-pieced blocks shown below) took hours & hours. The 60 blocks consumed lots of scraps, and I had fun making them all! Some of the fabrics make me smile...I've even got a treadle machine in there.

These are all the completed steps shown together, with the blue "constant" underneath it all. This mystery remains a mystery. I just can't imagine how all these blocks will go together!

Step #5 is expected on Friday.....I'm looking forward to the next clue.............


Time passes

This says it all..........

I thought of some variations that are relevant to my life.

Life is uncertain..........
Laugh with your friends first.
Read that novel first.
Take that drive in the country first.
Write that letter first.
Travel to [fill in the blank] first.
Cut into the Moda (fabric) first.
Say "I Love You" first.
Wear a dress first. (I always fall back on the easy outfits....jeans...)

I'm sure I can think of dozens more! As time passes & the years slip by, and I find that I am one of the "older" folks now (even though I'm not all that old!), I feel more of an urgency to do the things that really matter to me. This is harder than is sounds! It involves really examining my life and disengaging from activities that really don't matter to me, or that aren't worth the time & effort I put into them.
I yearn for a simpler life, but have a hard time pushing away all the "clutter"! It's a process to re-order my priorities and to act on them.