Thursday, December 6, 2012

Easy Street step #2

The step #2 blocks from Bonnie Hunter's mystery are done, and step #3's is expected tomorrow.

My other colors are red and medium blue.  I have no idea where this mystery is going, but I'm really enjoying using up some scraps!

Anything quilt related is a guaranteed cat-magnet!

 On her blog, Bonnie Hunter has been showcasing some of her vintage machines, so I  thought I'd show mine.  I sew on it all the time.

It's a Sewmore, made in Japan in the 1950's  Bonnie calls these kinds of machines "Singer clones".   I've known this one all my life.  It was my mother's and I learned to sew on it.  My mom stuck numbers on it to help me with the threading order and, being sentimental, I just kept them on all this time! 

I'm not in the habit of naming my machines, but with the 2-tone seafoam green, I could call her Marina!


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Easy Street step #1

Step #1 of Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt Easy Street is making little 4-patch units....196 of them!  I'm only making half of the blocks, since I don't want a huge quilt.

I've used gold and lights:

My other colors are black, red and a medium blue. 

Looking forward to Step #2!


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hurricane Sandy blocks

While blog surfing, I came across an opportunity to contribute to quilts for Hurricane Sandy victims.  I've made some Disappearing 4-patch blocks and will be mailing them to a young woman who is making the actually quilts.

These have been fun to make and are perfect for using up large scraps.  With just a few cuts and twists, I've turned these large 4-patch blocks............

into these cool blocks..............

The method is explained here.  

I've made 10 blocks to mail off, shown here all together.

I really enjoyed making these and plan on using this pattern for local donation quilts.

I've also decided to jump into Bonnie Hunter's new online mystery quilt, Easy Street, which starts next week.   I plan on using black, red, blue, gold (for the constant) and light prints. 

With my vast UFO collection, do I need to add another one?  No...but it's so much fun and will use up scraps! 


Thursday, April 5, 2012

March lotto blocks, and Stash report

Here are my March blocks for the Sunshine lotto. The color green is so cheerful and alive!

This block is just full of frogs. I had one oddball pink square that was perfect for the center.

I've been busy sorting and culling fabric. Year to date, I've acquired 30.25 yds & de-stashed a whopping 113.25 yds, for a net depletion of 83 yards! I don't expect to de-stash anywhere near that next quarter because I've already gone through almost everything. As motivation, though, I will be counting the estimated fabric contained in any UFOs that I complete. My completed UFO count of ZERO is downright dismal!
Also, the 30.25 that I've acquired was more than I expected, making it clear that the smaller amounts of fabric I bought here and there certainly add up!


Friday, March 2, 2012

Sunshine Lotto blocks for February

Here are my blocks for Sunshine, mailed out today. The theme, if you couldn't guess, was Red!

This was a fun scrappy block from Quilter's Cache, called Four on the Road.

The designer, Marcia Hohn, is so generous to offer all these free patterns to us quilters!
This pattern would be a great candidate for reproduction fabric.

I've been going through my stash finding yards & yards to donate. It feels so good to pass along fabric that I'll never use, and to declutter!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

January lotto blocks

These are the January lotto blocks that I will be sending to Tammy, to be made into Sunshine quilts.

I tried a new (to me) block, seen above in the top-left and the center.
I'm not sure of the name, but saw the block on the internet. I started with a big 4-patch:

I divided the 4-patch into 9 equal squares, like this:

I rearranged the 4 side-center pieces to make this block:

I love the llama fabric!
This block would be great for scrap quilts & I'm sure I'll be using it again!