Monday, March 4, 2013

Lotto blocks - February & March

These blocks were mailed to Tammy today, for Sunshine blocks.

The red ones are for February and the green ones are for March.


These blocks will eventually be made into donation quilts for children.

It's always fun to play with bright, colorful fabric and to use up some stash!


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Quilt inspiration

I was reading an article about barns in an older Smithsonian magazine.  The article featured a photographer, David Plowden, who was taking pictures of old barns to preserve their images. As the number of farms decrease, old barns are being torn down or abandoned.

The photographs were beautiful, but I found this one especially appealing:


Someone took the trouble to either paint or arrange the roof shingles in the shape of a cow -  What creativity!  The article didn't give any details about the photo, but I suspect this was on a dairy farm.

As a quilter, I envisioned a quilt made in this design:


It would simply be squares, arranged and set on point.  I imagine a blue sky, green grass, and a black and white cow.  To be more interesting, I'd make is controlled-scrappy, using squares of the same general color but of different patterns and prints.

There's inspiration everywhere!


Source of photograph:  A Lofty Tribute to Barns: photographs by David Plowden  by Jim Doherty, Smithsonian Magazine, October 2000  p. 117