Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Two more UFOs finished!

I finished two more UFOs...yes...! This first one will be a donation quilt, but I'm not sure where I'm donating it yet. I sewed the binding down by machine. I'm finding that when I sew binding down by machine it caused the edges to be wavy, as if the binding is a tad bit longer than the quilt. Bindings that I sew down by hand don't do this.
The Quilt Police would not approve! That's okay, these quilts will never be in a quilt show.
Next time I machine sew the bindings, I'm going to try to very slightly scrunch, by hand, the quilt edge before I sew the binding onto it.
This is a close-up of the quilt. The yellow fabric is a strange pattern, probably from the 1970's. It was hard to find a use for it, but I think that in this quilt the cool colors of the blues and purples calms it down.

This is the 2nd UFO. I'll be donating this to the local chemo center, to be used as a comfort quilt for their patients. One of the members of my small quilt group is going through treatments and spends lots of time there. The quilts they have are looking worn and ratty, so we made more as a group project. The chemo center agreed to pay for the quilting on these quilts.
I already had the middle part done, languishing in my UFO closet, so I added the rows of purple & yellow on the top and the bottom to make it longer. In person, it looks very soft and serene.
It's turning cold here now! We've had 2 nights of below 40 degrees. I still have some healthy tomato plants, which I covered with sheets overnight. It'll be warmer for the next week or so, so I'm hoping to get some more tomatoes out of them! Last year, I picked a few dozen green tomatoes off my plants before the cold killed them. I let them ripen in a sunny part of the kitchen and they actually tasted decent - at least better than store-bought. I had heard that one could do this, but I didn't believe it!