Thursday, November 26, 2009

Carolina Christmas

Bonnie Hunter is starting her new mystery, Carolina Christmas, tomorrow. Do I really need to start a new project? Of course not. But, Bonnie's mysteries are fun and I want to participate.

I've challenged myself to use only recycled clothing for this project, except for the batting. For several months now, I've been picking up 100% cotton clothing from thrift stores really cheap, mostly from their clearance sales or from bag sales. I now have a few bins full of clothes, so I really need to do something to pare down my supply!

Below are my, blue, green and a light neutral. My cat approves, too! I don't know how I'll position each color yet. I'm so tired right now after hours cooking Thanksgiving dinner, but tomorrow my only plans are to start on this quilt.
I'm looking forward to giving myself a mini-retreat and getting some sewing done. Does anyone else feel guilty and selfish if they sew all day? I do sometimes and don't know why. I think if I got more UFOs done I'd feel better about starting a new project. Heck, I'm just going to have fun tomorrow playing with fabric!