Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lime-green string challenge

I've been working on these lime-green string blocks for a Heartstring challenge, and mailed them off today. They certainly didn't seem to put a dent in my string bin, though!

Here is a close-up. I tried to use bright fabrics that would appeal to kids.

These were fun to make and gave me a feeling of accomplishment.

Now........back to the UFOs!


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Green lotto blocks

I'm ashamed that I don't have any completed UFOs to report, but I did finish some green lotto blocks to send off to Tammy, a Sunshine group member who makes the blocks up into baby and kids quilts. I've opted out of the drawing - I don't need any new projects!

The first set has cow & bug fabric. Doesn't the green just shout out "Spring"!

This 2nd set has some purple map fabric in it, with moon, star & sun faces.
All the fabric was pulled from my stash, which I strive for! These 9 blocks will be enroute tomorrow.