Tuesday, July 14, 2009

1900 String Quilt

Well, this is my very first blog post, so here goes......

Like many quilters, I possess lots and lots of UFOs. I dug an old one out today, and I think it'll be one of the next ones I work on. I started it in July 2004, in a Gwen Marston workshop at my former Guild. It's a string pieced quilt from Gwen's book, Liberated String Quilts. Gwen's creativity is inspiring and she helps to make quilting an adventure!

My quilt will be done in 1900 repro fabrics. I love the fabrics from that era.....black mourning prints, clear reds, claret reds, indigo blues, royal blue (I think it's called "cadet blue"), and of course I can't forget the yummy double pinks and the shirting prints, and some yellow and golds for a bit of sparkle!

Here's my string quilt UFO spilling out of it's box, and of course my cat (Tiger) had to make herself comfortable! So typical.

I'm proud of myself for getting this first post done and figuring out how to get the photos on the page. Hopefully, future posts will be more fine-tuned.

This has been fun!



  1. Let me be the first to comment on your brandnew blog because comments are THE best thing!! The pics look fine to me and you'll soon find out that Blogger doesn't always do what you want..:( Happy blogging ánd happy sewing!!

  2. Thank you, Annemiek. I looked at your blog and it looks really interesting. I'm getting ready for a trip out of town but will read your blog when I have more time. It looks well put together so it can serve as a good example for my blog.

  3. Welcome to the land of blogging! Thanks for visiting mine! I'm working on string quilting, too - I'm making 5 1/2" blocks - I figure I'll need about 350 to make a queen-sized quilt. No hurry. Of course, I do have a time limit - some time before I die!