Friday, September 18, 2009

Sewing all day

I spent most of today sewing. I sandwiched 3 quilts and sewed a pieced backing for a 4th one. It feels so good to make progress. I need to make time for these short sewing "retreats" more often.

One of the ones I sandwiched was the string quilt pictured above. I used up some thin, lower-quality muslin to foundation piece them. These blocks were fun to make, but looking at my still-overflowing string bin, I don't think I used up any of the strings! I'd also like to make a military string quilt using blue centers.

The quilt below was made around 1900. It has a hole all the way through it a few inches wide, and other area in need of repair, which was probably why it was so inexpensive. It should be easy to fix. I have a small assortment of antique scraps that I can use. I intend to applique a small square on the back the same red as the backing, nestle a little cotton batting on it, applique a small piece on the front to match the fabric, then put a few quilting stitches on it to pull it all together. If I'm careful, it should blend in just fine.

I just love these 1900 fabrics, and antique quilts really inspire me. This one has a lot of black mourning print fabric. The pattern is not simple, but it's possible. It's full of diamonds and set-in seams, so might be easier to hand piece than machine piece.

I have a few other older quilts I'll share from time to time. I keep them in my "cat free" guest room. My cats have the run of the rest of the house!



  1. Love the antique quilt and the string quilt (obviously). The Road to Burkholder's quilt is just 9 patch and hst. I've been sketching coming up with my plan. Congrats on the blog - we started our blogs the same week.

  2. I love string quilts! I think the scraps multiply the more we use them! LOL
    I love the setting of your antique quilt. My friend sent me some antique blocks that I havent decided how to set. Something like this may be the ticket.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment! These are such beautiful quilts! How wonderful that you are able to repair the old ones, and preserve them for future generations.

  4. Gosh this one is lovely, amazing! I really really love this. A real treat!

  5. The zig-zag setting of the blocks in this quilts is just wonderful! I have a quilt top with this setting from the same time period. I wonder how common it is? Good luck with the restorations (another reason I love scrap quilts...easier to repair!)