Friday, November 25, 2011

Orca Bay, step #1

I just couldn't resist starting Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt "Orca Bay". Step #1 is to make 224 tiny hourglasses, each being 2.5 inches square. I love 1900-era quilts, so I'm mostly using reproduction fabrics which are abundant in my inventory! Most of the hourglasses are done, some pictured below.

I'm also using scraps from recycled shirts, which with their many plaids, stripes & homespun fabrics are perfect for replicating 1900-era quilts. In the photo below, the black fabric with the small boxes inside the bigger boxes (2nd one from the left) came from a's perfect! I also love the black mourning prints, which were very common in 1900.

I love mystery quilts and I'm so curious to discover how all these little pieces will eventually go together!


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  1. These blocks are lovely! They have a sophisticated muted look that is very refined. I belong to Nickelswap, a yahoo group and we do a lot of reproduction fabric swaps, and now, starting to do some block swaps in them, too.