Friday, December 21, 2018

Good Fortune, parts #3 and #4

I've been steadily sewing on Bonnie Hunter's mystery, trying to keep up, and just finished Part #4 today!  I'm struggling to fit sewing into my's my "reward" for doing other boring, but essential, chores.

Part #3 involved making half-chevrons, and stitching the bonus triangle in such a way to get a 2" square.  This left a very small seam, a bit over 1/8" wide!  Bonnie wrote that it's sufficient, though, and she lugs her quilts all over and they seem to stay together!

Here are the resulting half-chevron and bonus triangle.  I'm using purple instead of Bonnie's green.

Part #4 are 96 of these little strip-pieced rectangles.  I used gold instead of Bonnie's orange.  I got to use up tiny scraps with these cuties!

Here are all my parts put together randomly, just to see how they play together. So far, I like it!

 Now, I get to peek at Part #5 which came out today!        Louise

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