Thursday, December 6, 2012

Easy Street step #2

The step #2 blocks from Bonnie Hunter's mystery are done, and step #3's is expected tomorrow.

My other colors are red and medium blue.  I have no idea where this mystery is going, but I'm really enjoying using up some scraps!

Anything quilt related is a guaranteed cat-magnet!

 On her blog, Bonnie Hunter has been showcasing some of her vintage machines, so I  thought I'd show mine.  I sew on it all the time.

It's a Sewmore, made in Japan in the 1950's  Bonnie calls these kinds of machines "Singer clones".   I've known this one all my life.  It was my mother's and I learned to sew on it.  My mom stuck numbers on it to help me with the threading order and, being sentimental, I just kept them on all this time! 

I'm not in the habit of naming my machines, but with the 2-tone seafoam green, I could call her Marina!



  1. Love the Easy Street units, AND your seafome green beauty !

  2. What a cool machine! I love that your Mom put the numbers on it to help you, what a sweetie. I'd never take them off either. Someday, do tell us your cute cat's name, too.

  3. What a beauty your machine is, and what a blessing to have known and loved her for so long! I like your Easy Street blocks, too. I'm way behind.

  4. Gorgeous machine! And cat, and geese!
    I wish I had my mom's sewing machine.
    Lucky you!!
    : )

  5. Your machine looks like she has been loved for a long time. I am searching CraigsList for a vintage machine for myself too.

    Happy quilting.

  6. Love the color. I've been searching for a pink 91-15 clone for the last year, no joy in mudville (don't want the Atlas that comes up all the time) so this week a bid on a pretty tealish/blue one. Watch. If I win it three pink ones will come up somewhere the next week :)
    Sharyn in Kalama

  7. Thank you Louise for popping to my blog. There is a transalator which you can use and get a little bit of knowledge what I have written, if you want. You have wonderful quilts here, just lovely! Naming machines :) yes. I have the best sewing machine in the world, half automatic Singer 401G from 1960. It sows so beutifully, also papers which I use in my cards. I call her Kaino after her former owner.
    I wish you a Happy New Year full of lovely quilts.