Friday, May 31, 2013

Aqua green dream machine

In a December blog post I had a photo of my 1950's sewing machine, which I learned to sew on: 

Today I saw this email ad from Craftsy and the sewing machine in their photo just jumped right out at me:'s the identical machine!  The only difference is the brand.  Mine is called "Sew Mor" and theirs looks like "Viscount".  These machines were made in Japan and they would sometimes put different "brands" on the same machine.

My old sewing machine is trendy now!  I've always loved her, though.


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  1. And a zig zag machine, to boot! Woohoo! What a cute machine. If she is like any of mine, she weighs a TON, too. Have fun with her. Glad you kept her.