Thursday, September 16, 2010

Apple season

I love all the trees in my yard. I just love trees! They are green and shady, and convert our carbon dioxide back into oxygen, if I remember correctly.
This Red Delicious apple tree is about 3 years old. We planted it, and like all trees that we planted ourselves, it's my baby! This year it's had lots of apples. Being a novice orchardist, I didn't know you were supposed to thin out the apples when they were small. As they grew bigger, they thinned themselves by falling off the tree!

The fallen apples weren't mature yet, and were more like Granny Smith and were delicious in baking. One result is this Apple Crisp with cranberries, which turned out really yummy!

It's a Weight Watcher's recipe from one of my books. I hesitate to post it here because I'm not sure of copyright issues, but I'd be happy to share if requested. One generous serving (1/4 of the pan) has only 3 WW points. It is light on the sugar, but was sweet enough for me. One could easily add more sugar. I plopped a bit of vanilla ice cream on top and it was great!

I've recently gotten back on Weight Watchers, and so far so good.



  1. looks yummy which book is it in I have a few of them too!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Kathie: The recipe is in the WW New Complete Cookbook,page 391. Louise