Sunday, September 26, 2010

Grandma's favorite recipes

A few years ago, I found my Grandma Nelson's handwritten recipe notebook in my mother's things. She died in 1963, and I'm sorry that I never got to know her. I can only learn about her through photos, and through simple items like this notebook:

There are dozens of recipes in this notebook, and I keep meaning to try them all. Many of these recipes are for cakes and cookies. There is one for real Spaghetti Sauce that calls for 1 cup of olive oil. Sounds good, but...well....oily!
I did make this one for Tamale Loaf and it was good. In fact, I think I remember my mom making it when we were little. (click on photo to enlarge)

Grandma Nelson was more of an outdoors person and was not a quilter, but she did hand sew some fan pieces for a Grandmother's Fan quilt, in pretty 1930's & 1940's prints. I ended up with those and someday will finish them into a small quilt. I'm sentimental, but these kinds of things mean so much to me! I surf on ebay sometimes, and come across people selling their grandmother's, or even great-grandmother's, quilts or quilt tops! I guess they have their reasons, but it is so hard for me to imagine doing that!

I've sewn my Haunted Mountains blocks into columns, and I love the way it's looking...very Halloween-ish! I won't have my camera for a few weeks, so no photos yet.

After a hot, hot summer, it's finally starting to get colder here in the Ozarks, and I'm loving it!



  1. That tamale loaf sounds delicious! I'm glad you have something to remember your grandmother...and get to know her by.

  2. Tamale loaf -- sounds yummy and more exotic than a recipe that my grandmother would have made. ;-)

  3. I have quite a collection of cookbook and I love each and every one of them. I copied this and I will try it. I'd love to see the rest of them. Shirley in Oklahoma