Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Haunted Mountains quilt

I've been wanting to make a Halloween quilt with an antique feel to it, and over time I've gathered black and orange shirts for that purpose. The "oranges" range from light orange to rust. I chose Bonnie Hunter's pattern Scrappy Mountains Majesty, which she generously offers for free on her Quiltville website. If you love scrappy quilts, you'll spend hours on her website!

The blocks are finished and I'm starting to put them together. Here is a sampling of my fabrics, which entirely came from recycled garments, mostly shirts:
My favorites, shown above, are the madder-like leaf print, the black with squares, and the black stripe which looks like a mourning print. They really have an antique style to them.
So far, I really like how these black and orange fabrics look together. I am working to get this done well before Halloween, so I can actually enjoy it this year! I'll be calling my quilt Haunted Mountains, instead of Scrappy Mountains Majesty.

Aside from this, I quilted one top today and started on another. I hope to get more UFOs done this month, and the days are slipping by fast! Hard to believe it's officially Autumn!


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