Sunday, December 19, 2010

RRCB step #5

For step 5 of this mystery, I have 431 HSTs completed....only 169 to go. I'm using an Easy Angle ruler, as Bonnie suggested, and I think this is easier than my usual method of putting 2 squares together, sewing two lines on the diagonal, cutting, then squaring.
I've gotten all the blue from one shirt, but that will probably run out. A pair of PJ pants in the same shade of blue is waiting in the wings for the remaining units.

As I'm sewing these little units, I keep wondering how all these pieces will fit together. Below is one block which came to mind, which is similar to a Bears Paw.
Where do the other units fit into this puzzle, though? I'll just have to be patient to find that out!

I've really enjoyed this mystery so far. By pushing myself to get the clues done in time for the next clue, I'm getting lots of sewing done. Other things are being neglected, though....housework, finishing Christmas cards, blah, blah, blah.........!


  1. Your RRCB steps look great. Looking forward to Friday for the next clue even though I'm still on number 3.

  2. Hadn't thought of a bear paw. I've always loved that pattern, never made it, too many half-square-triangles

    Jokes on me, :) Sharyn

  3. I have not joined in this mystery as I have too much other stuff in the 'works'. It is really peaking my interest though. Love to see all the parts quilter's have been showing. Seeing it put together is going to be really fun!