Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rolling along

I've finished step 6 of Bonnie Hunter's mystery, Roll Roll Cotton Boll.
Part one, in the photo below, used the pink-green-pink unit, with brown triangles added at each end. I do have an idea of how these will be used, but I'm not sharing because we were asked not to!

Part #2 of clue #6 instructed us to sew 5 of the half-square triangles together in a row, like this:

I also have an idea of how these will be used, but won't share that either! For the blue, I used up a whole shirt. I ran out of "shirt" so I cut into the PJ pants. The blues were very similar and blend together well.

This is going to make a huge quilt, at least queen size. When I see how all the pieces fit together, I'll decide how big to make it and what adjustments are needed.

Can't wait until Friday morning when clue #7 is due!



  1. Great fabrics for the mystery! I'm having a great time with Bonnies' clues, too. I sew excited to see how it all comes together.
    Regina in MI

  2. I'm still struggling along with my 5 patches. I mis-counted and came out 20 short or 100 patches short. What was I thinking? :)'

  3. I can't wait either :-)
    Love seeing what you have put together. I have not been working on this, but watching the clues come up has been intriguing.

  4. You are a step ahead of me! I hope to sew today and catch up to you!

  5. You are keeping up really well, and your colors are beautiful. It's a fun mystery even though I'm behind, I have waited anxiously for Friday mornings.

  6. Your RRCB parts look great,such lovely colors, and everything is so neat. I'm anxious to see your finish.