Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Time passes

This says it all..........

I thought of some variations that are relevant to my life.

Life is uncertain..........
Laugh with your friends first.
Read that novel first.
Take that drive in the country first.
Write that letter first.
Travel to [fill in the blank] first.
Cut into the Moda (fabric) first.
Say "I Love You" first.
Wear a dress first. (I always fall back on the easy outfits....jeans...)

I'm sure I can think of dozens more! As time passes & the years slip by, and I find that I am one of the "older" folks now (even though I'm not all that old!), I feel more of an urgency to do the things that really matter to me. This is harder than is sounds! It involves really examining my life and disengaging from activities that really don't matter to me, or that aren't worth the time & effort I put into them.
I yearn for a simpler life, but have a hard time pushing away all the "clutter"! It's a process to re-order my priorities and to act on them.


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  1. Since I posted this blog entry, I learned that my 85 year old aunt passed away yesterday morning. A coincidence??????